The Debutots Ethos

We believe learning should be about doing, and learning should be about fun. The classes we remember from our childhood are the ones where we were actively involved in making, creating, experimenting and discovering.Cloud Photo

We also believe in the value of play: pretending, imagining and cooperating with others. And we all know about the joy of stories we each experienced as a child ... of adventuring in our minds to different lands with all sorts of wonderful characters.

Debutots brings fictional tales to life. We combine learning and play to create unique weekly group adventures. Our classes empower your little ones with confidence, creativity and a love of language. At a time when they're learning about everything ... Debutots makes it fun.

Let us share the magic of story with you!

"Imaginative play matters more than anything else and is a huge plus in parenting."
Dr Penelope Leach – childcare guru