Early Years Drama™ 4 - 5 years

Stories have enormous learning power. They can delight, captivate, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate and challenge. They also help young children understand and explore the world they live in. So there's no better time to do this than when children are just starting big school!

Our Early Years Drama classes are designed to take your children into an imaginary world where they can comfortably explore feelings, language, movement and self-expression and their relationships with others. Our skilled drama practitioners guide your children through each story creatively, allowing them to imagine and create their very own version as they all become the sights, sounds and characters together.

Debutots 5 – 7 years

Moving up to P2 and P3 frameworks, our unique combination of interactive storytelling, original drama games and structured dramatic play continues to make this a much–loved part of many schools' weekly timetable for this age group.

Just like our younger Early Years Drama classes, these sessions will transport your students to imaginary worlds where they can comfortably explore feelings, words, sounds, self-expression and movement and their relationships with others.

Our skilled drama practitioners will guide students through each story creatively, encouraging their ever-growing speaking and listening skills, feeding their imaginations for writing and scaffolding their new found capabilities as readers.

At the beginning of term, you receive a detailed Creative Planning Pack™ which maps the curriculum links with P1, P2 and P3 and provides suggestions for continued exploration of the stories and themes. These classes are a great addition to Drama, Language and Literacy and Personal Development and Mutual Understanding planning in NI.