Baby Story Play™ 6 months – 3 years

Are you looking for a unique weekly activity that promotes language development, ignites imagination and improves concentration? Are you fed up with singing the same songs, banging the same instruments and sitting in the same circles with your tots on your laps?

Dipping tiny toes into the world of stories, words and sounds, Baby Story Play is a multi-sensory blend of storytelling, puppets, bubbles and music perfect for babies and toddlers alike.

Storytelling For Children - DebutotsEach week your practitioner will transport you to a brand new world through a fun, interactive story. As one, big group we'll be on our feet, crawling on our hands and knees, shuffling on our bottoms or in mummy's arms exploring the story and its scenery, sounds and loveable characters together.

Arming you with ideas to explore stories imaginatively with your child at home and providing lots of laughs as you adventure creatively along the way, this class is guaranteed to inspire and amuse you and your little ones... and best of all... the story is completely different every single week!

After class there's coffee and chat time for grown-ups to enjoy and the magical Debutots Story Basket for the children to explore.

"We had a fantastic time. It's great to get new ideas for interacting with the little ones and coffee and chat time is brilliant!"
Lisa – mum to Rhia, 11 months