Early Years Drama™ 3 – 5 years

Are you looking for a unique weekly activity that promotes language development, ignites imagination and improves concentration?

Our action- packed Early Years Drama classes are enjoyed by parents and carers as much as they are by their children! After an energizing musical warm up, we join in with carefully crafted, interactive storytelling with a new and original Debutots story each week. Storytelling For Children - DebutotsWe follow this with plenty of dramatic play where we encourage children to take on the words of the characters themselves, interact with each other in role, work together to decide how to set the scene of the story, cooperate as a group to create soundscapes of their adventure and problem solve as they meet characters from the story who have challenges ahead of them!

These classes not only nurture your children's creativity and promote their language development in a non-competitive environment, but provide simple, inspiring lessons in life.

"It never ceases to amaze me how Albie gets so immersed in the story and will even shout out suggestions on how the story should progress! Debutots is great for toddlers to socialise, build confidence and explore their imagination."
Lisa, mum to Albie aged 2 and a half.